Hernandez Family

We are excited to witness and take part in what God has planned for Burgos. We want to make our home in Burgos, investing in the language, the culture, and most importantly the people, so that we can tell them the good news of Jesus and show them his love. God called us to this work almost three years ago and it feels great to be in the homestretch of support raising. We are eager to get our family and our team to the field to begin fulfilling this calling.

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Addis Familiy

We want to know him as first in our church and over every square inch of all creation. He doesn’t exist for us. Instead, we exist for him. And this reality gives every dimension of our lives meaning and purpose.

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Rivera family

Our heart for Spain is all about starting a church that loves Jesus and loves their neighbor. We truly believe that God works through people in community who are working towards building His Kingdom. We want to see people know Jesus and have their life changed by Him. We want people to be so in love with Jesus that its contagious, that they won't be able to keep it to themselves.

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