We’re planting a church in Burgos, Spain


Our Mission

We want to see heart change in Burgos and all of Spain.  But we know this can only happen through the Gospel of Jesus.  We believe that planting a Gospel centered, natianally led, church planting church in Burgos is the best way to go about sharing and living out the gospel in Burgos.

Living out the gospel looks like three actions to us:

  • Worship Jesus

  • Love People

  • Make Disciples

We want to worship Jesus with everything we have and everything we are, every moment of every day.  We want to love people like Jesus loved people, sacrificing our lives for them.  As we do this, we want to help others do the same.

Burgos and the People

Burgos is a city of about 176,000 people where less than 2% of people are Evengelical Christian. While many people in the city may claim to be Catholic, the truth is that they are not practicing it or attending church.

The people in Burgos are passionate about their city and their culture! When you ask them to tell you about their city, their eyes light up. They will go on about the history in the city, the wonderful food, the weather in the summertime, the purity of the Castillano spanish language that resides there, the tranquility of life in Burgos and so much more. They will tell you why they believe Burgos is the best city in Spain. They are proud of where they live.

People in Burgos tend to not open up easily, and to gain their trust takes time. However, once you gain trust and begin to build relationships with someone in Burgos then you have gained a loyal friend. One missionary in Burgos explained it to us this way : “In Madrid, you will make friends very quickly and everyone there is very friendly, but your friends may not be trustworthy or loyal. In Burgos, it will take you longer to make friends. But the friends I have here would do anything for me. If I called them and needed help, they would come."

If you would like to see the details of our mission the link below has our case statement for you to read.

Case Statement